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Terrorists turn to MMORPGs

The Australian reports that, having had their camps destroyed in Afghanistan, terrorists are now turning to RPGs — as in MMORPGs — for training.

Kevin Zuccato, head of the Australian High Tech Crime Centre in Canberra, says terrorists can gain training in games such as World of Warcraft in a simulated environment, using weapons that are identical to real-world armaments.

“Real-world armaments” such as the Warglaive of Azzinoth, Warp Slicers, Axe of the Gronn Lords, and Staff of Disintegration?

Man or Beast?


Hat tip: Dead Roo

It was refreshing to see the actual face, after viewing the “artist’s” impression for a whole month.

Lessons from the Haneef case

1. It is fortunate that Haneef is in Australia, it is unlikely that this chain of events would occur in India. It is even less likely to occur in a Muslim country, where terrorist suspects are sent to be skinned alive or tortured to death. We would do well to remember that the next time we “demand” that Australia be more welcoming to us.

2. It was specifically a free critical press and an independent judiciary that provided a counterweight to the executive. It is ironic that those wishing a utopian caliphate have never written about these two features of an “ideal” society, in their voluminous hectoring sermons. Whilst Muslims may not always appreciate the reporting of a free press, its value to them outweighs the small harm.

3. Muslims who are caught up in this type of process should give up relying on their “group” to aid them.

4. What is more troubling is that some groups may actually use one’s own plight as a vehicle for their own self promotion.

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Haneef Charge Dropped

The Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has just announced that the terror charge against Dr Haneef has been dropped. This follows a review by DPP head Damian Bugg.

They will be holding a press conference in Canberra at 3:30pm. More to follow.

Update: The DPP says they made a mistake.

Update 2: Video of DPP press conference here and video of immigration minister conference here.

Update 3: India is asking the Australian government to reissue his visa. The Age has a lot more information including a photo of Dr Haneef leaving the prison. Premier Peter Beattie has said Haneef is welcome to return to work at the hospital if the government reinstates his visa.

Update 4: The government says Haneef is free to leave but they will not be reinstating his visa.

Haneef lawyer to speak at HT rally

The lawyer and family representative of Dr Haneef, the imprisoned Gold Coast doctor, have reportedly agreed to speak at a Hizb ut-Tahrir rally to be held in Sydney on Sunday.

Update: Peter Russo and Dr Haneef’s relative have both cancelled and will not be attending the rally.

Update 2: The Australian has more on the issue.

The Social Costs of Migration into Australia

The Age is reporting today on a new study on immigration to Australia.

Migrants are better educated, more law-abiding, are generally healthier and less dependent on welfare than the average Australian-born citizen, a new report reveals.

The 18-month study, The Social Costs and Benefits of Migration into Australia, was conducted by a research team from the University of New England’s (UNE) Centre for Applied Research in Social Sciences.

The actual report can be read online here. It looks interesting.

Iktimal Hage-Ali Saga Part II

Iktimal Hage-Ali came to prominence in the Muslim community by drinking a glass of champagne when named NSW Young Australian of the Year for her services to the Muslim community.

Naturally, some Muslims were less than impressed; but Hage-Ali received support from the media and a number of gushing tributes were published about how wonderful she was and how mean-spirited the Muslim community was for criticising her.

Shortly thereafter, it all came crashing down when the same media outlets that had been boosting her, revealed she had been arrested and subsequently released as part of a drug bust. The story is summarised here.

Now Hage-Ali is back in the media.

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Harun Yahya: Jews, Jews, Masons, Jews

We posted a piece recently about creationist spammer Adnan Oktar aka “Harun Yahya”. His biography page provides a wealth of interesting information about the mysterious Turkish author. For example:

Adnan Oktar was first arrested and imprisoned, then transferred to the Bakirkoy Mental Hospital on the grounds of being mentally unhealthy and placed under observation in ward 14A, poorly maintained, filthy, and used to house the most dangerous inmates. Ward 14A could be entered only by passing through a number of locked iron doors, since killings among patients were viewed as nothing out of the ordinary. Adnan Oktar was chained to his bed by his ankles for six weeks and forcibly given drugs blurring consciousness. Young colleagues who managed to visit him witnessed that he had lost none of his determination and enthusiasm. Postgraduate students, nurses and even doctors were prohibited from seeing him, out of concerns that he would turn them to Islamic moral values.


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Another day, another bungle

Yesterday, there were reports quoting anonymous sources that Dr Haneef had allegedly been planning a local terrorist attack. These were subsequently dismissed as false by the head of the Australian Federal Police.

Today, we read in The Australian that the Australian Federal Police had written the names of overseas terror suspects in Dr Haneef’s diary and then proceeded to challenge him about the entries in his police interview.

A NEW bungle has emerged in the investigation of Mohamed Haneef as Australian Federal Police chief Mick Keelty yesterday dimissed reports that the Indian doctor was suspected of being involved in a plot to attack the Gold Coast’s tallest building.

The Australian can reveal that investigating AFP officers wrote the names of overseas terror suspects in Dr Haneef’s personal diary, only to later grill him during an interrogation over whether he had written the potentially incriminating notes.

What is going on here?

Australian Muslims: mice, not men

nullThe treatment of Dr Haneef has been deeply troubling for many Australians, of all political stripes. I don’t know if Haneef is guilty as charged (or guilty of more) but I hope he is, because if he is innocent then we have witnessed a high-tech public lynching.

What has equally surprised me has been the near universal silence of the plethora of Muslim organisations and their self-appointed leaders. Australian readers will recall that usually you cannot get these guys to shut up, they are willing to give an Islamic opinion on the opening of a tap. Some have offered “one on one” counselling to Australian models caught using drugs, others will show up to the opening of an envelope. They are the scourge of the public space.

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