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Billy Bob reviews the Toyota Prius

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So Geert Wilder’s video Fitna has finally been released onto the internet. And what a reaction there has been.

Network Solutions pulled the site that was supposed to be hosting the film. Techcrunch is worried that Google might experience a “Muslim backlash”. Live Leak, who originally hosted the film, have now pulled it down because of “credible threats”. The Singaporean government has condemned it. The UAE government has condemned it. The Council of Europe has spoken out against it. Afghanistan has expressed concern. Former Malaysian prime minister Mahathir has said Malay Muslims are annoyed by it and is calling for a worldwide boycott of Dutch products. Indonesia has condemned it. The OIC naturally condemns it too.

That’s a lot of government and official condemnation for a 17 minute film on Youtube. However, rather than the riots and rivers of blood that the pre-release marketing led us to believe would be the natural consequence of Wilders’ little film, the response from actual Muslims has been, well, not much of a response at all.

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Government Announces Chosen People

The government has announced the 1,000 Australians [pdf] chosen to attend Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s Talkfest 2020 next month. Unfortunately, nobody from Austrolabe was invited so our plans to produce an Australian version of the Don’t Tase Me, Bro video will have to wait until a later date.

Anyway, Catallaxy, Tim Blair, Currency Lad and Larvatus Prodeo discuss some of the selections.

Banning and Blocking

There’s been a lot of banning and blocking lately.

Lebanon has followed Iran in banning an award-winning cartoon that apparently portrays Khomeini’s revolution in Iran in a less than sympathetic light. Turkey has banned the photo sharing internet site Slide for the usual “crime” of hosting photos that are “offensive” to Kemal Ataturk. In the past, Turkey has banned Facebook, Youtube and Myspace for similar calumnies against the long dead founder of the Turkish Republic.  Secret Dubai is now banned in Dubai. And Yemen has just blocked over 1,000 blogs.

Wikileaks release classified memo on Iraqi prisons

Wikileaks have released a classified military memo today exposing the conditions in Iraq’s Fallujah jail. A press release issued today reads, in part:

The document, written last month by the commander of U.S forces in western Iraq, Maj. Gen. John Kelly, describes “unbelievable overcrowding, total lack of anything approaching even minimal levels of hygiene for human beings, no food, little water, no ventilation… There is zero support from the (Iraqi) government for any of the jails in Anbar. No funds, food or medical support has been provided from any ministry.” and says “We need to go to general quarters on this issue right now… To state that the current system is broken would erroneously imply that there is a system in place to be broken.”

The jail is situated next to the U.S. Joint Communications Center in downtown Fallujah. It was built in 2005 by U.S. contractors to house 110 prisoners, but now reportedly holds around 900, mostly awaiting trial or transfer to Baghdad.

The Future of Airline Security?

US Patent 6,933,851 describes a special bracelet to be worn by passengers on commercial airlines. Aircraft staff will then be able to remotely activate the bracelet and deliver a disabling electric shock (electro-muscular disruption) to the passenger if required during the flight.

Believe it or not, a company is actually trying to bring this to market. Here’s a promotional video over the fold:

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Muslim Reference Group 2.0

The ABC’s Religion Report recently interviewed the parliamentary secretary on Multicultural Affairs, Mr Laurie Ferguson on the government’s plans to reinstate the Muslim Community Reference Group.

Muslim Voices Survey

If you are Muslim and live in Melbourne, Australia, consider participating in the Muslim Voices Survey that is being conducted by researchers at Monash University.   (via Godblogger)

Draft Constitution for the HT State

A few readers have written to point out that Hizb ut-Tahrir have released a draft constitution for the HT state. Please discuss.

Jaan J non-silk neckties

I have purchased five of these ties and find them excellent quality, and the service to be superb.

Jaan J non-silk neckties


I have no financial interest in the company or product, nor have I or this site been given any honoraria for posting this link.