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Open Thread — 8/5/2008

French judge annuls Muslim marriage over virginity lie

A French judge has annulled a marriage after it was found that the wife had falsely claimed to have been a virgin prior to marriage. The Times report the circumstances of the divorce are reported as follows:

Mr X went to court the following morning and was granted a annulment on the grounds that his bride had deceived him on “one of the essential elements” of the marriage. In disgrace with both families, she acknowledged that she had led her groom to believe that she was a virgin when she had already had sexual intercourse. She did not oppose the annulment.

Leaving aside the substance of the dispute, if marriage is viewed (correctly) as simply a contract between individuals then what is so outrageous or disagreeable about such a contract being dissolved when one party has misrepresented themselves?

The decision been met, naturally, with some controversy. However, as Lewrockwell.com write on the subject:

Of course many French people are outraged, as they so often are when private property and contract rights trump “secular” (that is, socialist) values.

I can haz xenophobia

Inspired by the Lolcats and Kate McCulloch of Camden, Austrolabe proudly presents…

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Neo-nazis running the Camden debate?

As regular readers will be aware, Austrolabe’s mascot is the pigeon-chested anti-Muslim campaigner Darrin (sic) Hodges. Here he is above (on the far right, with red shirt and video camera) with people we assume are his fellow “protectionist” chums. With friends like this, it will come as no surprise that Darrin also appears to be or have been a regular contributor to the neo-Nazi forum Stormfront, where unlike the other hairy chested extremists, he lacks the instinct for self-preservation and posts under his own name. Genius like that can only be a gift from God……………………………to us.

More recently, Dazza has made an appearance on the ABC’s Q and A program during a debate on the Camden Islamic school controversy. Darrin appears, wearing a red shirt and tie, and proceeds to ask a series of ridiculous questions in his irritating nasal voice.

You can watch his performance below:

YouTube Preview Image

Hodges calls for all development to be subject to a “cultural impact statement” and responds to Australian Greens leader Bob Brown’s suggestion that Australian Muslims love their children with the compelling argument that “in Iran, you’d [Bob Brown] be hung”.

After watching his gormless public efforts, we can only conclude that the gene pool for the master race is rapidly shrinking. We also wonder how much of the so-called community resistance to the Islamic school is run by the neo-Nazi movement.

21st International Conference on Islamic Unity

In May this year, Iran hosted the 21st International Conference of Islamic Unity.  Here are a series of inspiring photos from the conference (Via Heidariam.blogfa.com):

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