“The far left BNP is an anti-British party.”

Daniel Hannan, European MP, on the left-wing British National Party (BNP):

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Although they are frequently referred to as a “far right” party, their policies, like those of their Australian counter-parts, are essentially left wing.  Hannan writes in a piece on the same subject:

As Hayek wrote in 1944 in his brilliant chapter on “the socialist roots of Nazism”, the dispute between fascists and socialists is a dispute between brothers. Labour and the BNP are, in a sense, competing for the same sort of voter: one who believes in the power of the state. The one kind of voter whom both fascists and socialists regard as beyond persuasion is the small-government Tory.

Daniel blogs here and has some great youtube videos.  For example, here is he explaining the essence of these so-called “bailouts” and “stimulus” packages:

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#1 Simon on 06.14.09 at 3:27 am


This guy is awesome. I googled and found this article he wrote last year:

Every day, outside my central London flat, I walk past women wearing the hijab. We smile at each other and usually exchange a friendly word.

Not so long ago, local people would have viewed such dress as provocative: the symbol of an alien religion. But Londoners are a tolerant lot and, as the years have passed, they have come to see the veil for what it is: a sign of personal devotion.

The veiled women in question are, of course, the Roman Catholic nuns who run the local homeless centre.

#2 James R MacLean on 06.20.09 at 10:02 am

Just because Hayek wrote something doesn’t make it so.

In point of fact, the whole point of fascism was to use the lumpen to crush the proletariat, and protect private property. Unluckily for the fascist’s constituency–viz., the owners of large European industry–their saviors had a doomed plan to expropriate foreign property.

If you want to say startling things about history, you might want to actually know something about.

#3 Barry on 06.20.09 at 3:06 pm

You are missing the point. Fascists and socialists both believe in government enacting their plans.

#4 Eudaemonion on 06.23.09 at 3:50 am

Hitler and Mussolini protected property rights? That’s a laugh.

#5 Michael Sutcliffe on 07.05.09 at 9:19 pm

Hannan is awesome. We need more like him more than ever.

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