Tailban demonstrate corruption free governance

The most effective, corruption free government in Afghanistan is not the central government of the American puppet Hamid Karzi, rather it is his opponent, the Taliban.

One of Washington’s top counter-insurgency advisers has warned that the Taliban

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is ready to take over the government in Afghanistan, with a successful local court network in the country’s south, tax collection operations and a new Taliban Ombudsman’s office, all directly challenging Kabul’s rule. David Kilcullen is an adviser to US General Stanley McCrystal and says that while Afghan authorities have been flooded with allegations of fraud after last week’s presidential election

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establishing a legitimate leadership will be the most important question facing the Afghanistan operation right now. Dr Kilcullen addressed Canberra’s National Press Club

When Rabbis attack

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Barack Obama addresses the Muslim world

The warmup act
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YouTube Preview Image

Obama’s speech to Muslims cut the legs from underneath the grievance merchants in our community. It is a wedge between mainstream Muslims and extreme elements who feed of the sentiments of victimization.

I expect it will be very well received by most except those Muslims who are pathologically incapable of appreciating anything beyond their own failure and who can twist any praise into a perceived slight.

How ideas trump economic crises

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Jesus (AS) in Islam

This is an interesting short commentary put together by Melvyn Bragg for ITV. It gives the Muslim view of Jesus (alayhis salaam), and includes commentaries from Abdur-Raheem Green, Hamzah Yusuf, Ahmad Thompson etc…

YouTube Preview Image

When Monks attack!

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Neo-Nazis doing it tough

Spare a thought for the white pride community and what they must be going through right now.

The United States is about to elect its first black president. Not only an African American, but an African who is only one generation removed from herding goats.

The white pride community Stormfront have have been on a downwards spiral for the last few months as this near certainty began to sink in.  Thousands of men named Cletus and Bubba have been applying for Canadian residency. David Duke has organized a gathering in early November to allow them to strengthen their fraternal bonds, much like a tribe of chimpanzees do when they are challenged by another group.  Expect to see much urine boundary marking and sniffing of one another’s backsides.

Another white prider who appears not to have minded the odd masculine bottom-sniff was Jörg Haider, the Austrian fascist who has been posthumously outed as a homosexual.  Jorg died in a car accident brought on by a bitch fight with his boyfriend; the orange Audi TT with crimson crushed velvet seats and lavender piping was also written off.