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Tariq Ramadan’s Silent Revolution

When I first arrived at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, I must confess that I was somewhat disappointed. Given the customary brouhaha preceding a Muslim academic’s (or scholar’s) arrival, I’d expected at the very least a picket (even if it consisted solely of the distinguished Ameer Ali).

You can imagine my further disappointment when the most controversial things Tariq Ramadan, the source of the controversy, said, would be more likely to offend some Muslim sensibilities than the non-Muslims in attendance. In fact, Ramadan, who is an incredibly engaging and charismatic speaker, presented his very sensible points softly but with clear conviction. There was absolutely nothing that might require monitoring by authorities.

Admittedly, the Brisbane conference on the “challenges and opportunities” of Islam in Australia was my first true introduction to Ramadan and his thesis. I understood the following: he is a “reformist”; he believes Muslims need to try harder to reconcile their beliefs with those surrounding them in their particular Western nation; he is dubbed Islam’s Martin Luther; he lacks mainstream appeal; he is more successful in Europe than Australia and the US.

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Ed Husain: this week’s Prester John

Ed Hussein Prester John was a fabulous Christian King of the East, famed for his power and wisdom. European Christendom could be saved from the vast ascendant armies of the Islamic world, if only word could be got to him to attack the Islamic empire from behind. Together the eastern Nestorian king John and Western knights would defeat Islam and save Europe. A letter from John, widely circulated in Europe by the clergy, added fuel to the fire. John’s kingdom of 72 states, was a crime free paradise surrounded by the Muslim horde. The small matter of John being an entirely fictitious creation of the fevered imagination of European Christianity prevented this Baldric-esque “cunning plan”.

One thousand years later, little has changed in the dynamic between the Rum and the Muslims. Now however, the western consensus is that it is the Islam at the heart of the Muslim world that is antithetical to “progress”, that Muslims must therefore be separated from a coherent understanding of Islam, and that the only person who can achieve this is someone from within the faith. A theological Saracen version of the Prester John fable.

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Dated Texts Containing The Qur’an From 1-100 AH / 622-719 CE

Islamic Awareness have published an excellent critique of some of the more popular allegations against the Qu’ran, such as the allegation that Islam is really a heretical Jewish sect or that the Qu’ran is simply a byproduct of Syriac Christianity (popularised by Christoph Luxenberg). They explain:

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The Glorious Recital: Sh Abdur Rahman Dimashqiah

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Source: Quranica’s The Glorious Recital DVD

Ameer Ali celebrates the ‘collapse’ of traditional religious authority

Former president of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC) and former chairman of the Prime Minister’s handpicked Muslim ‘reference’ committee Dr Ameer Ali has an article in tomorrow’s The Australian which is going to make some waves (to put it rather lightly). The article isn’t online yet so we’re publishing a copy over the fold.

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