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World Press Photo 08

Rural school girls, Eastern Turkey, Vanessa Winship, UK, Agence Vu

For those residing in (or passing through) Sydney, it is well worth a visit to the NSW State Library for the World Press Photo exhibition before it closes on June 5. Entry is free and the exhibition displays a collection of award-winning photographs from around the globe. They are exceptional photos and viewing them should prove satisfying not only for those with an interest in photography but also for those who can appreciate the power of a single image.

It is a decidedly sombre collection which, I suppose, can be put down to the fact that our world is drowning more in sorrow than in joy. There are many memorable photographs, but I lingered at the Benazir Bhutto assassination photographs: you won’t see her after the attack, but the image of the dead — innocent onlookers, naked and charred from the explosion — will capture your attention like little else. It is incredibly moving.

Of course, the beauty of these photographs is that they are so educational without needing words and hours of reading time. It will remind you of how many varied stories there are to be heard, and just how fragile life is. From the 14-year-old victim of rape to the US soldier collapsing from exhaustion after a mission in Afghanistan. It’s easy to think, from a distance, that we understand what’s going on. Yet life is never so simple.

Inmates studying al-Qaeda manual. Again.

It’s been a while since we last had a story about al-Qaeda expansion into New South Wales jails. However, today the Sun-Herald reports that Muslim prison inmates in New South Wales have been studying an al-Qaeda manual. And up to 40 inmates have apparently established…

…an internal organisational structure to maintain morale, resist interrogation and recruit members to Islam.

Hmmm… Where have we heard that before?

Oh, yes. In the San Francisco Chronicle last year! The Chronicle reported that detainees of the military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba had created…

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