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Pakistani cricket, Bismah and Islam

Many many years ago when I was a child, our family was on the same flight as The Pakistani cricket captain and matinée idol Imran Khan. The air hostesses were swooning over him in his business class seat. Where we were in steerage we had a clear view of proceedings. All of the children in our family were gradually becoming incensed at the behavior, but mostly we were very annoyed by the gormless performance of his cricket team. In true Lord of the Flies tradition (as children do) we bullied our youngest sister to go up and read the riot act to him, she was all of 7 years of age. When she finally arrived at his seat (after much cajoling) she stood rooted to the spot, unable to speak and staring blankly ahead. He (presumably in a jet lagged haze) signed a napkin and abruptly invited her to be on her way. She returned, mortified and humiliated.

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