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Kingdom of Heaven

Travellers are hesitant to visit Jerusalem, perhaps now better known for the conflict crippling the region. But those who venture there discover a magnificent world, writes Amal Awad

The first time I saw Jerusalem, I was too young to appreciate the amazing things it had to offer. I was about six years old, and admittedly I spent a good portion of the afternoon crying for my parents, who’d ventured into the old city to pray at the Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa mosque. Thankfully, the few times I have returned, I enjoyed a more enriching experience – and there were no tears.

As I stroll through the narrow lanes of the souk (markets) as an adult, there are so many things I find striking. Bustling with activity, it’s hard to believe that Jerusalem is in a place riven by devastating chaos. The hidden souks are reminiscent of ages past, the banter and haggling of shopkeepers and patrons filling the tiny walkways. It is positively buzzing with action: buying, selling, pointing, eating, worshipping. And I have barely scratched the city’s surface. Continue reading →