Admin Note: Comments Plugin?

In light of a recent but now temporarily removed post in which three people decided to flood the moderation queue with abusive and profanity-laden remarks, I am wondering if anybody can recommend a Wordpress plugin for managing comments. Firstly, it needs to allow people to be banned based on IP address or email and, secondly, incorporate some sort of filter for profanity. If it allowed some users to be put on moderate and others to be allowed to post freely, that would be good too.

If anybody can recommend a Wordpress plugin to handle this, please let me know via the comments. Once I figure out a way to manage this increasingly frustrating issue, normal service will be restored insha’Allah.


#1 dezhen on 11.09.06 at 11:22 am

Hey guys, it seems that Wordpress can sometimes get a lot of spam. I don’t know if it comes as part of your wordpres package, but the hosted blog I have includes Akismet anti-spam control.

You can set the minimum number of url’s, for instance, which if above, automatically puts the comment in to a moderation queue for approval. It also has options to mass approve/mass delete comments in this section.

I am not sure if there is anything that allows IP bans for comments, but it sounds amazing if there is!

The other option that I can think of would be for those wishing to comment to become “members”, which can be moderated by yourselves. This has advantages and disadvantages too, but gives tighter control.

The wordpress wiki has a list of plugins about spam. Maybe some are better than others, I don’t know.

Good luck anyway, it is a thankless task!

#2 rabee on 11.12.06 at 6:33 am

It’s hard with wordpress. I have a rudimentary technique which works OK, but is very dirty.

It sends all comments to me vial e-mail. Then spam assassin sorts them out according to certain rules. If they get through spam assassin they get forwarded to a different e-mail, which automatically approves comments. Problem is I can’t remember all the steps. That’s no help to you!

But here is another method that comes as a pluging:

Hope it helps.

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