When Angry gets angry

Poor Angry Anderson. As trusty Daily Telegraph reporter Luke McIlveen reports, not only does Anderson have a cold, but he’s also been staying up until the wee hours of the morning with Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose while they tour Australia together (no doubt bringing thousands together with their messages of peace and love).

Anyway, according to McIlveen’s reportage, “[Anderson’s] talking about Rose Tattoo’s new album Blood Brothers and the perils of hydroponic marijuana for Australian youth. But mostly he’s talking about the danger fundamentalist Islam presents to our way of life.”

For me, all of the above three are inextricably linked. But I should break it to you now that unfortunately McIlveen fails to continue the music-drug-fundamentalism axis. I’d expected that either he or Anderson might have, for example, blamed Islam for Rose Tattoo’s new album and/or the perils of hydroponic marijuana for Aussie youth.

Unfortunately I had to content myself with occasional nuggets of (wholly original) wisdom such as these:

We have strict quarantine laws and it should be the same when it comes to cultures that do not want to integrate. We should be very careful about where certain Muslims come from and what they believe. If you come here, you should behave yourself – it’s as simple as that. (Anderson)

Far from backing down in the cold light of day, Anderson is delighted to discuss the issue, hoping he may be able to interest young Muslims in what it means to be Australian.

Anderson wants to teach these kids about the Eureka Stockade and to “get off their arses and Google what happened at Gallipoli.” (McIlveen)

Erm, unfortunately Googling doesn’t require anyone to get off his or her arse, but I totally understand his meaning and applaud the sentiment. I’m not sure which kids he’s talking about, but I’m guessing (because we’re not really sure what’s provoking Angry’s anger), they’re probably the 3,000 Muslim youths exposed to radical teachings in Australia.

By the way, if you’re struggling to remember who Angry Anderson is, he’s the dude who sang Scott and Charlene’s wedding song on Neighbours in the 1980s.


#1 Irfan Yusuf on 07.04.07 at 1:07 am

Don’t be so rude to Angry Anderson. He and his band produced an amazing song called “I Wish” back in 1983/4. From memory, it made it to No 6 on the Countdown Top 40.

Amal’s just jealous that she didn’t get to appear on Countdown with Molly Meldrum …

#2 Shadower on 07.04.07 at 2:46 am

Eureka Stockade? Weren’t they just a bunch of criminals?

#3 Ivan on 07.04.07 at 2:58 pm

“… Google what happened at Gallipoli”. WTF? Thousands of imperialist forces (British and ANZAC’s) invaded a muslim country (Turkey), soundly got their arses kicked and hightailed it out of there.

Maybe what Angry means is that they should Google the myth about Gallipoli.

#4 Umm Ammara on 07.04.07 at 10:24 pm

I quite agree with Mr Angry. Just look how well white Australians managed to integrate with the Aboriginals, I think they have set an excellent example on how to integrate.
If I agree with him will he then change from Angry Anderson to just Rather Cross Anderson?
At least in the land of Oz you have nonstarters like Angry Anderson complaining about Islam…here in Ol’ Blighty we have a lovely cherub by the name of Hassan Butt who has been all over the media saying things like ‘Islam gives us permission to murder nonMuslims so in order to stop that we have to change Islam’….as you can imagine the media is absolutely lapping it up.
Sigh….its been a bad week here.
Have a look at ummahpulse.co.uk for a nice post about Br Butt.
Umm Ammara

#5 Eudaemonion on 07.05.07 at 12:24 am

I’m sure I’ve had this feeling before. When have I felt as I do now?

Ah, I remember now. One very moral, upstanding, wholesome person by the name of Ashley Blue, who makes erotic films for a living, had some very wholesome comments to do with ‘leading men’ and Al Qaeda.

Apparantly, she does not discriminate with regards to picking her ‘leading man’; she’ll happily do KKK members, ‘retards’, all manner of ugly, smelly and generally unpleasant people – all are welcome. Then, an audeince member asks whether an Al Qaeda affiliated person could ever be her ‘leading man’, she promptly goes on a tirade about how she ‘f$%^ing hates Moslems’, to the rapturous applause of the audience, the questioner and the presenter.

Rather Cross Andersons comments evoke the same bemusement I felt when Madame Blue made her most appropriate and meaninful comments way back when. That and a little trepidation at the masochistic pain seeking one would need to have had THAT many tattoos!

#6 Eudaemonion on 07.05.07 at 12:26 am

I know, I know. Ad Hominem attacks are cheap, but I couldn’t resist the masochist remark.

#7 AU on 07.05.07 at 12:37 am

Angry says:

With Islam I think it is going to take more because we don’t have that Christian-based belief system in common. But we better start talking about it because it’s not going to fix itself.

Islam doesn’t have a Christian-based belief system? Wow. With insight like that, it’s no wonder they picked him to sing the wedding song for Scott and Charlene.

#8 Lizzy on 07.10.07 at 11:06 pm

i think that angry has the right idea about the fact that if your gonna be coming to this country to start a new life or whatever it is then you should respect the people,the land and the culture. however i think all you are just getting stuck on the fact hes mentioned two moments in australian history, thats not realy his point here. and if you read half the stories bout australia ’succesfully integrating’ then you change your tune so to speak because we basically jsut forced our way in without caring for the consequences, and we as white australians need to realise that althoguh its in the past and not something occuring today, that mistakes were made and the country we have today was built on a lot of inhumane crap.

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