No More Free Radicals

Here’s the natural consequence of this “research“: if you can develop a predictive model capable of identifying members of a “sleeper cell”, why wouldn’t you just lock them up?

A Queensland Senate candidate and former Nationals staffer has called for radical Muslims to be incarcerated in the case of a terrorist attack in Australia.

Independent candidate James Baker, a former army major who also worked as an adviser to former Queensland Nationals leader Mike Horan, says he wants people deemed as “radical” Muslims to be interned following a terrorist attack in the interest of national security.

Of course, the problem is that, as the recent experience in the United Kingdom demonstrates, you can’t easily identify who is a “radical” Muslim because people who are determined to carry out a terrorists attack will go to great lengths to conceal their intent. Therefore, in the face of a real terrorist campaign against this country, the Baker Plan is unlikely to do much good: whilst the police are loading the Muslims into the trains and trucks to be sent off the camps, the guy with the non-Muslim name, non-Muslim appearance, and non-Muslim identity will be setting off the bombs.


#1 Eudaemonion on 07.04.07 at 11:39 pm

All very ‘Minority Report’.

How much are you willing to bet this bonehead, er, ‘politician’, has seen the movie, or would comprehend the concept?

#2 AU on 07.05.07 at 12:42 am

Yeah but let’s hope he doesn’t watch the Manchurian Candidate then.

#3 Doctor Patient on 07.05.07 at 8:34 am

We, via the gov’t, hand out citizenship. We, via the gov’t should revoke that citizenship where radical muslim clerics/idiots/morons etc have been identified. They should be removed from Australia. If they were born here it would be cheaper and less dangerous for the majority of Australians to offer them a financial incentive to go live some place else.

#4 Amir on 07.05.07 at 9:41 am

Leaving aside the impossibility of identifying ‘radicals’, I think it’s highly questionable to revoke citizenship based purely on ideas that people may hold. Being a radical Muslim, radical Christian, radical Socialist, or radically right wing are not crimes and nor should they be. If people carry out or plan terrorist attacks then I don’t object to the state prosecuting them but I don’t think we can ever go down the path of prosecuting people for ‘thought crimes’ regardless of how horrible or disagreeable those thoughts might be.

#5 Irfan Yusuf on 07.05.07 at 11:11 am

How does one define radical? When Kara-Ali’s sect leaders took over my childhood mosque in Surry Hills, their first act was to burn all the books in the library which they deemed “un-Islamic”. These included high school mathematics and science textbooks.

Further, at least two senior leaders of that sect are currently awaiting trial in Lebanon for their involvement in the plot to assassinate the late Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri.

So here you have a sect which burns books and whose senior leadership face trial for terrorism-related charges. Sounds like a group ripe for identification as a sleeper cell …

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