Australian government funds 2,000 new Islamic schools

This all sounds a bit far fetched, right? 2,000 Islamic schools?

But this is exactly what the government has been doing in Indonesia; building and opening Islamic schools with a target of 2,000 such schools being established by 2009.  It’s all part of the War against Terror.

Antara reports on the first 46 that have been opened recently:

The Australian Ambassador to Indonesia, Bill Farmer, and Indonesian Minister for Religious Affairs Muhammad M Basyuni here on Wednesday attended a ceremony at MTs PSA Al Fauzan in Labruk Lor, Lumajang District, East Java Province, to mark the opening of 46 Islamic junior secondary schools (Madrasah Tsanawiyah) that have been built with Australian assistance.

The construction of the 46 schools commenced in 2006 and are ready for the 2007 school year, which began last month. Work is due to commence in coming weeks on further 275 Islamic schools that will open to students in mid 2008.

Farmer said the schools were part of the Rp2.5 trillion Australian Government program which is funding the construction or expansion of 2000 schools in 20 Indonesian provinces until 2009.

And The Sunday Age reports today:

Foreign Minister Alexander Downer told The Sunday Age moderate Islamic leaders must be encouraged and supported. Australia is working with mass Muslim groups across Indonesia, he says.

“They are the people who are going to confront extremist Islam,” Mr Downer says. “We are actually building Islamic schools in Indonesia — we’re building thousands of them, 2000 of them. Why? Because Islam is a fact.”

And work has already begun on another 255 Australian taxpayer-funded madrasahs.


#1 Baybers on 08.26.07 at 10:57 am

Mashallah May Allah reward him and give him the gift of faith, brother John could become become brother Yayha, I almost feel like embracing him….almost.

#2 Shadower on 08.26.07 at 11:55 pm

I guess Australia does not need schools or more spending on education.

20 years ago the Americans were patting themselves on the back for aiding in the building of Madrasahs in Pakistan.

Yes Mr Downer Islam is a fact, who said it was a myth?

#3 muslim_perth on 08.27.07 at 11:49 am

there is no problem as long as these schools teach orthodox islam…

but in all probability they will be teaching a watered-down filtered uncle tom version of islam, where the only jihad mentioned is jihad al nafs….

#4 dawood on 08.27.07 at 4:29 pm

Wish we could get funding for schools here…

#5 Tarek on 08.28.07 at 8:27 pm

This is very wrong. When we pay taxes, we don’t pay them so the government can go off and build 2,000 madrassas to teach Indonesian kids a Canberra-approved version of Islam, do we?

#6 James on 09.27.07 at 1:27 pm

Looks like your tax dollars are being spent for Islam-lite. Could be worse they could be tossed down a rat-hole known as “Abstinence Only .”

#7 Comrade Prime Minister: John Howard is the socialist alternative on 10.27.07 at 11:39 pm

[...] Islamic religious schools in [...]

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