Comrade Prime Minister: John Howard is the socialist alternative

Never mind the ALP, John Howard is the socialist alternative.

The charge sheet is long and compelling:

  1. Paying farmers to leave farming;
  2. Paying farmers to keep working in unprofitable unsustainable dust-bowls;
  3. Funding Islamic religious schools in Indonesia;
  4. Funding tertiary religious schooling in Australia;
  5. Funding bizarre and pointless cultural studies with taxpayer grants and encouraging rent-seeking amongst Muslims;
  6. The “nationalisation” of the family;
  7. Expanding the size of government;
  8. Paying women to have children;
  9. Unlimited government subsidy to doctors;
  10. Creation of cultural commissars to regulate cultural expression amongst religious and cultural groups;
  11. Provide a forum for young socialists to make their perverse demands;
  12. Providing free breast enlargements to female sailors;
  13. Funding dance lessons for torture victims.
  14. Funding puppet shows.
  15. Funding programs to help wrestlers grapple with racial discrimination.
  16. Funding “art“.

Finally and most ludicrously, the government subsidy of laughter.


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