Garages of Hate

Sydney’s Fadi Rahman is at it yet again with more outrageous claims in today’s news:

Foreign ideologues attempting to recruit young Muslims could lead to an Australian version of London’s 2005 bombings — and the intelligence community’s handling of events like the Haneef affair is not helping, says a local Islamic leader.

Fadi Rahman, who runs a large Muslim youth centre in Sydney’s southwest, said a recruitment drive led by hardline overseas influences was underway to radicalise youths and sway more moderate voices within Australia.

“Most of the time they start at the local mosque in small groups — they move quickly into the garage, then people’s homes,” Mr Rahman said to The Australian.

Is your son spending too much time in the garage? Be warned: he may be on the road to religious extremism. If this isn’t addressed he may end up visiting people’s homes.

He continues:

“It’s very easy to tap into the mind of someone who has a low education level, unemployment and who has basically given up on life,” said Mr Rahman.

“We need to do something or what happened in London, a London-type bombing, will happen here.”

Maybe the answer is to ban poorly educated and unemployed people from owning garages. That should do the trick.


#1 T Cell on 10.29.07 at 10:15 am

clearly Fadi belives the problem can only be solved with the govt giving him more money.

I was immediately reminded of this:

Why do we need to listen to this parade of comic book characters on anything? If fadi has any knowledge of a criminal act or conspiracy to commit one then he should tell the police, if he wants money then he should line up outside centerlink, or even (what about this for a radical idea?): get a job Maaaaaaaaaaattttteeeeeeeeee.

#2 muslim_perth on 10.29.07 at 10:49 am

this describes fadi “….someone who has a low education level, unemployment and who has basically given up on life…..”

#3 Antish on 10.29.07 at 11:04 am

Given that this guy actually works with the kids he’s talking about, and you don’t, on what do you base your dismissal of his claims? Seems like the sort of knee-jerk jealousy that inevitably greets any Muslim who attains a profile for their work in helping Australia.

#4 Baybers on 10.29.07 at 11:27 am

I think if he wanted to help Australia, as T cell said, he should have gone to the police.

I am afraid that I agree with the sentiment that this is a very typical response from a class of self appointed community leader who talks up risk and threat, whilst offering himself to the govt as sole the agent of rescue.

These guys are a dime a dozen in western Sydney. Last week it was MKA and his ticking time bomb report that he hasn’t published yet

This will follow a pattern where the person involved will now claim that he was misquoted.

It is not surprising that these people become “useful idiots” for the Murdoch press. This story will fold into the news cycle for the next 24 hours and give comrade howard a free kick on national security.

#5 Yakoub on 10.29.07 at 5:54 pm

What next? Wahhabi wendy houses? Salafi sheds? Perhaps conspiracy laws should be broadened to include two or more Muslims associating in the family home? When I was a Second Life addict, there were fears of Muslims plotting in the metaverse – and then Homeland Security turned up, or at least someone doing a very bad impression of trying not to be! Sadly, paranoia knows no bounds…

#6 Antish on 10.30.07 at 9:44 am

I don’t know why you bother to call yourselves “brothers/sister” or members of a “community”. I repeat, it’s amazing how every time a Muslim does something constructive for the whole (ie not just their own tiny corner of the Muslim “community”) community, other do-nothing Muslims tear him/her down.

#7 T cell on 10.30.07 at 4:08 pm

given your past comments about Muslims and Islam, nobody believes that you care anything about the relationship between Muslims.

How has Fadi done anything constructive? If he has actionable intelligence about extremism, he should go to ASIO, if he has knowledge of a crime he should go to the police. How does going to a newspaper journalist help anything? What material steps have occurred since this article has been published? How is the community safer?

In the past I would have ignored a fadi rahman, but over the last few years this type of person has done untold damage to the muslim community and I now consider it my religious duty take these people to task.

#8 Dawud on 10.30.07 at 11:00 pm

He’s not doing anything constructive, he’s inciting hatred of the Muslim community by telling lies. There isn’t a problem with extremism in Australia and the youth don’t want to be suicide bombers or kill non-muslims. Fadi Rahman, Alan Jones, John Laws, Kara-Ali and friends just promote fear to promote themselves and their interests. I don’t see the difference.

#9 Vrijheid! on 10.31.07 at 5:49 pm

The media loves to terrify and misquote, I’m sure a lot of the sensible things Fadi Rahman said were cut off.

Nevertheless, I think he made a valid point (albeit not in the most eloquent of ways.. garage?). When Fadi mentioned the “hardline overseas influences”, I’m thinking he’s reffering to the tablighi jamaat. Here in Melbourne, I find them at mosques all too often. They may have good intentions, but whenever they preach they make as though it’s you against the misguided Non-Muslim Western society surrounding you. This kind of da’wah is counterconstructive for Australian Muslims and encourages extremism by creating adversaries and breeding hatred.

Fadi Rahman wants foreign preachers restrained, and so do I. They simply pop in, and pop out without regard to the long-term implications of their da’wah. We need endogenous Australian Muslim preachers to lead us towards peaceful living.

Also, Dawud: “There isn’t a problem with extremism in Australia” ??!!

#10 T cell on 10.31.07 at 6:35 pm

“hardline overseas influences”

I thought he was referring to
Baskin Robbins rocky road ice cream, or perhaps a tarantino film, or perhaps ann coulter.

One mans “hardline” is another mans…

Once again there is an unfortunate temptation to silence voices that we disagree with. What if I determined that you were an impossibly progressive liberal who was not a real muslim and therefore your contact with the adult muslim community should be limited?

Clearly that would be a childlike response, and yet when we mention “hardline” then all measure of the same adult nannying becomes legitimate.

So you hope to limit the contact with foreigners whop say things that you do not agree with? well what are you going to do about the internet? Are you going to start banning websites that say things that you don’t like?

Is this beginning to sound like china or north korea?

Vrig, I’m sure you can put a better solution up than that.

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