Kara-Ali Report Watch

Mustapha Kara-Ali, the self-declared canary in the coal-mine of Islamic extremism, remains silent. His report, supposedly detailing the imminent radicalisation of thousands of Muslims seems to have vanished into the sock drawer, or the same place where the TV remote went. The Government gazette sought fit to put this “report” on their front page in July, and yet it remains unpublished. We have all been waiting to trash read his research. We know how deadlines can be difficult especially with a homework assignment, but $200,000 from the public purse should focus the mind; imagine how many fully sick Geminis you could buy for that.  Anyway, don’t say that we did not help.


#1 Amal on 11.26.07 at 11:13 pm

I have to commend you on your ongoing coverage, Baybers. Granted, Kara-Ali is a joke, but your humorous touch makes this saga gripping and entertaining. Top stuff, mashallah.

#2 Noor Hammad on 11.28.07 at 7:19 am

Perhaps we should ask the government for a refund on our $200,000 ‘investment’, I believe the fair trade act provides for one when you pay for a product you never receive?

Bravo Austrolabe for your vigilance.

Noor Hammad

#3 Tasmiya on 11.28.07 at 7:32 pm

I agree with Amal, this here:

“the self-declared canary in the coal-mine of Islamic extremism”


#4 Ted Sprague on 11.28.07 at 7:58 pm

Now that the Libs are out of government, there needs to be a Truth and Reconciliation Commission and Kara-Ali and the rest of them should be brought before it.

We need the new government to find out where all the money went. Kara-Ali is I am sure just the tip of the iceberg and there are a lot more Muslims who did very well chomping on Howard government pork.

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