“I have a dream…”

The British press is reporting:

The false alarm bomb scare that led to the biggest airlift in British history was sparked by a bad dream by an oil rig worker.

Police were questioning a woman over the hoax on the North Sea oil platform, the Safe Scandinavia.

The mass evacuation of the floating hotel used to house drillers and technician wasted about £500,000 of ­public money.

The alert was triggered when the unnamed 23-year-old allegedly told colleagues about her nightmare.

Jake Molloy, general secretary of the Offshore Industry Liaison Committee, said: ‘It was complete madness. This girl had a dream about a bomb being on board and she was a bit shaken. ‘The next thing workers were being evacuated.’

The Guardian has more.

And in other news from the War on Terror:

Armed police held an innocent mechanic at gunpoint when they mistook his MP3 player for a pistol.

Darren Nixon, 28, was arrested and put in police cell for simply listening to music on his way home from work.

The shocked garage worker was then swabbed for a DNA sample, had his mugshot taken and was fingerprinted.

(Via Bruce Schenier)


#1 LDU on 02.15.08 at 10:00 pm

Woohoo!! We’re whooping some terrorist ass.

#2 Shadower on 02.16.08 at 9:07 am

That is pretty sad, that woman is treated like a criminal for simply telling people about her nightmare.

And after the police found out the man was listening to an MP3 player (they must have weird shapes in the UK if they can be mistaken for guns) why did the police find it necessary to take his fingerprints and a mugshot?

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