The life and loves of VS Naipul

the equally pompus current Mrs NaipulVidia Naipul regards himself as the greatest living writer of the English language. Those who know him best have a different and much less flattering view.

This word “master”, used often in the letters, is interesting. It is a slave word. In role playing – and most of these love letters refer to highly eroticised power games – the master is regarded as dominant; but, paradoxically, it is usually the submissive person, the masochist, who has the ultimate power – maddening for the sadist.

Here is one instance. Margaret shows up unexpectedly in Wiltshire. Naipaul is displeased with her. He beats her and afterwards explains, “I was very violent with her for two days with my hand; my hand began to hurt . . . She didn’t mind at all. She thought of it in terms of my passion for her. Her face was bad. She couldn’t appear really in public. My hand was swollen.”

And later:

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Free speech or regulated speech: which is better to deal with social ills?

In contrast to the most recent proposal by the anti-discrimination commission, a more straightforward and efficient way to tackle discrimination is by using free speech and the power of choice.

The general public are overwhelmingly offended by any racial abuse and are forthright in castigating the perpetrator. Despite the view of the Muslim woman and the journalist, this clip shows how free speech and free choice are much better at treating social ills than regulating speech.

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Billy Bob reviews the Toyota Prius

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Jaan J non-silk neckties

I have purchased five of these ties and find them excellent quality, and the service to be superb.

Jaan J non-silk neckties


I have no financial interest in the company or product, nor have I or this site been given any honoraria for posting this link.

Muslimus publicus parasiticus corpularis (genus)

The professional public Muslim (PPM).

Over the last eight years a high glucose (public funding) environment has lead to the mutation of some less resilient specimens of the Muslim community in the western world. This mutational phenotype is most well developed in Australia, but it also exists elsewhere.

We believe that this is the first ever attempt to describe the species.


Domain: Eukarayota, Kingdom: Anamalia, Phylum: Crantia, Class: Reptilia.


In a multicultural grant rich environment some less resilient Muslims turn to novel sources of sustenance. They apply for and depend on undefined government “celebrating diversity” handouts. They are solitary and fiercely territorial creatures; after staking a claim, the PPM marks out their territory with urine and pheromones located near the cloaca.

The PPM will often defend this revenue food source aggressively from other competitors. It will spend significant resources preening itself and cultivating its benefactor, frequently changing its plumage and skin colour to reflect the prevailing environment.The PPM will adapt its characteristic guttural bark to better reflect echoes of other noises in its vicinity. The PPM is unique in the animal kingdom as a species that will attempt to mate with its food source rather than one of its own kind.

At a recent public event the deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard was the victim of such an incident. She was given the Flehmen response and then swamped by a gaggle of the usually solitary creatures who attempted to leave their business cards droppings in her vicinity, she was fortunate to escape with a mild rash. Gold it seems remains the most favored anti-pruritic for the itchy palm.

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Clarkson calls for sharia

Small wonder the Archbishop of Canterbury announced, just 24 hours later, that he wants sharia law in Britain. He was mocked, of course, but come on: Muslimism lets you throw apple cores onto the grass verge and swim with the dolphins and make telephone calls without having a Scottish man grunting and moaning in the background. Plus, we’d have the added benefit of being able to dismember shoplifters.

Also, though I have only a scant acquaintance with the Koran, I’m fairly certain it contains no call for motorists to be fleeced, hounded, mocked and, worst of all, held up on purpose by a swarm of power-crazed traffic wombles.

Here, Here! Anyone who has experienced a Riyadh street in a high performance car will know what freedom truly is. Jeremy Clarkson’s full piece is here

The “100 years of war” candidate

Pat Buchanan sums up the McCain presidential bid.

The fake Sheikh “Haron”

There is nothing more precious than one’s children; for a parent to lose a child must cause pain beyond imagining. It must therefore have been extremely distressing for the parents of Private Luke Worsely to receive a letter purporting to be from an Islamic leader, “Sheikh Haron”, taunting them on the day they buried their son. A copy of the same letter was sent to News Limited, extracts of which they published online.

It remains to be asked: who is “Sheikh Haron”? To begin with, the sheikh would be more convincing (as a Muslim) if he could spell his own name correctly. “Haron” is how I would imagine an imbecile not conversant with Muslim names would spell “Harun’ or Haroon”, the Arabic equivalent of the Hebrew “Aaron“. It resembles the comical fraud perpetrated by Liberal Party goon squad in the seat of Lindsay. How could one forget the “ALA AKBA” which resembled Alo Alo, more than Allah Hu Akbar.

The mystery of the fake sheikh is further clarified by a visit to his webpage. For a religious Muslim, it is clear that Sheikh Haron is fraudulent.

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Kara-Ali Report Watch

Mustapha Kara-Ali, the self-declared canary in the coal-mine of Islamic extremism, remains silent. His report, supposedly detailing the imminent radicalisation of thousands of Muslims seems to have vanished into the sock drawer, or the same place where the TV remote went. The Government gazette sought fit to put this “report” on their front page in July, and yet it remains unpublished. We have all been waiting to trash read his research. We know how deadlines can be difficult especially with a homework assignment, but $200,000 from the public purse should focus the mind; imagine how many fully sick Geminis you could buy for that.  Anyway, don’t say that we did not help.

The politics of Muslim bashing; part 2

Though the mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small.

undefinedSmall is how Jackie Kelly and her husband must feel. In a more civilised age they would be to ashamed to show their faces in polite company. Kelly’s husband who is a dentist was caught red handed letter-boxing ugly racist leaflets in the marginal seat of Lindsay.The islamic-pamphlet [pdf] purported to be from a Muslim group supporting the Labor party, supporting the Bali terrorists and predicting the building of a Mosque in Western Sydney. As we have previously shown, the threat of an Islamic infiltration of the burbs is a red button issue.

The leaflet was a fraud, a fake document used by the Liberal party to misrepresent the views of the opposition Labor party.The others involved were the husband of the incoming Liberal candidate and a professional Liberal party apparatchik Jeff Egan. One of those caught, helpfully covered his face with the incriminating leaflets thereby demonstrating his guilt.

In one fell moment they captured the whole media attention for the two most important news-cycles before the federal ballot.Kelly was already finished in the party, but her reputation and that of her husband has been destroyed forever. The standing liberal candidate (Karen Chijoff) and aspiring professional political operative Jeff Egan are finished in mainstream politics. Both Chijoff’s husband and Egan have been forced to write groveling apologies to the party. Continue reading →