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Depending on government

Temujin at the ALS Blog makes an interesting observation:

In the early 1960s, 3% of Australians relied on the government for most of their income. By 1980 that had increased to 14%. And now, despite a decade of strong economic growth and increased employment opportunities, 17.5% of Australians rely on the government for most their income — including 5% of Australians who are apparently disabled and 5% who are carers (mostly single parents).

It is easy to sympathise with the social-democratic desire to protect the most vulnerable. But does anyone really believe that nearly one in five of Australians are vulnerable and can’t look after themselves? That is about 4 million people!

Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture

Dr Randy Pausch, a computer science professor at Carnegie-Mellon University, passed away a few days ago due to pancreatic cancer.  Here’s his Last Lecture entitled, “Really achieving your childhood dreams”:

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Obama: I’m not Muslim. No, really.

Look, I’ll be honest straight off the bat: I’ve never much liked politics. There, I admitted it, and I am not ashamed to have done so. Having said that, of course, I try to pay attention where necessary. And sometimes things will just jump out at you, interested or not. I totally understand why, in Australia, we seem to follow the US elections (including the primaries) with as much, if not more, interest than our own. We have good reason to care about the outcome, even if watching reruns of 90210 might seem more appealing than following a US election (not that I watch 90210, just saying. No, honestly.)
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