“The far left BNP is an anti-British party.”

Daniel Hannan, European MP, on the left-wing British National Party (BNP):

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Although they are frequently referred to as a “far right” party, their policies, like those of their Australian counter-parts, are essentially left wing.  Hannan writes in a piece on the same subject:

As Hayek wrote in 1944 in his brilliant chapter on “the socialist roots of Nazism”, the dispute between fascists and socialists is a dispute between brothers. Labour and the BNP are, in a sense, competing for the same sort of voter: one who believes in the power of the state. The one kind of voter whom both fascists and socialists regard as beyond persuasion is the small-government Tory.

Daniel blogs here and has some great youtube videos.  For example, here is he explaining the essence of these so-called “bailouts” and “stimulus” packages:

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Return of Ameer Ali

Ameer Ali returns to the pages of the The Australian with the same argument he and others made famous during the Howard Era:  the government must use taxpayer’s money to fund some project or else Muslims might do something really, really, really bad.

The Rudd government should urgently boost funding for high-quality Islamic studies courses, moderate Muslim community groups, and police liaison teams to counter home-grown extremism, a leading Australian Islamic expert says.

Such measures offered the best hope of blunting the potential radicalisation of hundreds of Muslim students who come to Australia to study each year. They would have a hugely positive impact on Australian Muslims, said Ameer Ali, vice-president of the Regional Islamic Council of Southeast Asia and the Pacific.

Ameer Ali has been talking up the threat of international students for several years.  Here he was two years ago on the pages of the same newspaper:

Moderate Muslims warned yesterday that international students should be forced to undergo training about the Australian way of life to counter their radical interpretations of Islam.

The former chairman of John Howard’s Islamic reference board, Ameer Ali, said some international students needed to be stopped from poisoning the minds of local Muslims.

Leaving aside his obvious totalitarian yearnings for a government that attempts to reprogram foreign nationals entering our country and tries to intervene to stop citizen’s minds being “poisoned”, one must also ask whether the threat that is being promoted here is even remotely real.  How many international students have been involved in planning or carrying out terrorist attacks in Australia?

Barack Obama addresses the Muslim world

The warmup act
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Obama’s speech to Muslims cut the legs from underneath the grievance merchants in our community. It is a wedge between mainstream Muslims and extreme elements who feed of the sentiments of victimization.

I expect it will be very well received by most except those Muslims who are pathologically incapable of appreciating anything beyond their own failure and who can twist any praise into a perceived slight.

Thought Crimes

Following a spate of violent attacks on Indian students, the Victorian government is proposing that tougher sentences should be handed out to criminals who perpetrate crimes motivated out of a hatred of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation:

HATE crime could soon be an offence in Victoria as the State Government moves to crack down on violent attacks against Indian students, homosexuals and other targeted groups.

Under a plan being pushed by Attorney-General Rob Hulls, judges would have to take into account “hatred for or a prejudice against a particular group of people” as an aggravating factor when sentencing offenders.

Tougher sentences would apply to crimes deemed to be based on victims’ race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.

The idea of imposing tougher sentences for so-called “hate crimes” raises some interesting questions.

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Mosque Finder

Kashif, over at Peace Bruv, has put together a useful mosque finder site and would like some help in developing it further:

At the time of writing i have over 1800 mosques listed on the site. What i really need now is for people to visit the site, find their local mosque and fill in the “update mosque info” page with details of their local masjid’s facilities, and preferably a photo too.

Mosque-finder.com currently includes ~150 Australian mosques and prayer rooms.

How ideas trump economic crises

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Jesus (AS) in Islam

This is an interesting short commentary put together by Melvyn Bragg for ITV. It gives the Muslim view of Jesus (alayhis salaam), and includes commentaries from Abdur-Raheem Green, Hamzah Yusuf, Ahmad Thompson etc…

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Mecca Redesign Leaked Video

Last year, we published a link to a story in an architecture journal on the proposed expansion to the Haram in Mecca.

Now, a video, reportedly leaked, has appeared on the internet which depicts one architecture firm’s proposed masterplan for the area:

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Returning Soon

Apologies for the unexplained hiatus.  Normal blogging will resume shortly.

Telstra offers free calls to Gaza homes

Australian telecommunication provider Telstra’s Now We Are Talking blog announces:

Telstra will offer a telecommunications assistance package to customers who may be affected by unrest in the Gaza area. In announcing the relief package today, Telstra Chief Executive Officer, Sol Trujillo, said the assistance would be in the form of free telephone calls from Telstra retail customers’ residential fixed lines (home phones) to the Gaza area.


This offer will apply for calls made from 12.00am AEST on Wednesday 7 January 2009, and finish 12.00am AEST on Thursday 15 January 2009. The offer applies to calls with the area code 0011 970