Sheikh Taj offers ‘explanatory statement’

The latest development in the Sheikh Taj is that the sheikh has been admitted to hospital after an angina attack at Lakemba Mosque this afternoon.  Since then, he has released a statement which is available in PDF form at The Sydney Morning Herald or at the website of the Lebanese Muslim Association.


#1 rabee on 10.30.06 at 9:38 pm


#2 islamophobia watcher blog on 10.31.06 at 6:21 pm

It’s good to know he apologized. May Allah improve his health.

#3 null on 11.05.06 at 1:24 am

Did you guys actually read the explanatory statement? I’m waiting out for the explanatory statement to the explanatory statement, cos from where I’m sitting it just sounds like he’s sticking his foot further in it…

#4 Amir on 11.05.06 at 6:18 pm

Whether or not it is satisfactory is immaterial. It’s up to Sh Taj to decide what he says or whether he apologises and it is up to the LMA to decide whether he continues in his role. Our responsibility is simply to remind people that he has no connection with us, is not the mufti of Australia, and his words carry no more weight than any other Muslim imam. I think that by demanding that he stand down, apologise or whatever, we are effectively endorsing the bogus and shambolic role of mufti which, as we all know, was only created to help Sh Taj avoid an adverse immigration decision. We are saying, implicitly, that the role has some importance or significance to us and that all that is required is for someone else to take it. Whereas, the reality is that no one person can represent the Muslim community and it just leads to fitnah to try and manufacture such a role or position.

#5 islamophobia watcher blog on 11.07.06 at 5:00 pm


Yes, I read the statement. I found the apology to be better than the Pope’s. I mean, although the apology was followed with the irrelevant and laughable:

“I am deeply saddened and distressed by the acts of some devious groups which lurk in the dark watching me, and who cannot tolerate the moderate balanced way…”

I think we took that as an apology, also because he was ill.

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