Lebanese Muslim Association Leader’s Recommendations for Australian Imams

On Sunday, a number of Australian imams will soon meet to discuss, among other issues, the question of whether there is to be a Mufti of Australia and New Zealand and, if so, whether it should continue to be Sheikh Taj ad-Din al-Hilaly.Tom Zreika, of the Lebanese Muslim Association (LMA), has put together a series of proposals and has submitted these to the conference for discussion. Some of these comments, related to the need for imams to become surf lifesavers and fire fighters, were mentioned here.

The full document that will be delivered to the imams on the weekend can be viewed here.

One thing that seems to stand out in this document is the extent to which the imams of this country are blamed for the various ills of the Muslim community. The author’s criticisms may apply to the imams of one particular demographic but one can’t help but think that the vast majority of religious leaders are innocent of many of the things mentioned in this document. Is it fair or accurate?

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