Pauline Hanson on Malaysia, David Hicks and Muslim immigration

Pauline Hanson has, once again, benefited the community with her puerile insights. The former fish and chip shop owner turned politican from Queensland was in the news earlier after she claimed that David Oldfield had seduced her in a motel; a claim which Oldfied naturally raced to fervently deny. Oldfield would later take his denials to another level, agreeing to participate in a lie detector test on national television. Sadly, he failed the test and was left apologising to Mrs Oldfield for what was, by any measure, a rather embarassing result.
Although the Pauline Hanson soap opera is fascinating in much the same way as a passing car wreck provides momentary fascination, it is her views on Islam and Muslims that interest us most.

Firstly, she informs us that Malaysia was invaded and subsequently overrun by Muslims.

In another curious statement, Ms Hanson said Malaysia had been “taken over by Muslims, despite a long history of Islam in that country”.

And then she says David Hicks, the Australian held in Guantanamo Bay, was a suicide bomber.

She also said she had no sympathy for confessed terrorist collaborator David Hicks, saying he was “prepared to blow himself up to kill other people”.

But there is no suggestion Hicks ever planned to be a suicide bomber.

Finally, she declares that Australia should welcome “Christian Muslims” but not, I suppose, the Islamic kind.

The former One Nation leader, who is having another tilt at politics, said she was wary of allowing Muslims to settle in Australia.

But she would welcome some Muslims, she said.

“There are Christian Muslims – there is no problems about that,” she told ABC radio yesterday.

“But if people believe in the way of life under the Koran, that concerns me greatly.”

Rather than call for people like her to be silenced or chastise the media for giving attention to her ranting, we should thank them and encourage the media to give her the opportunity to speak more.  She has long been reduced to an oddity and few people, even those who might be sympathetic to some of her views, would ascribe themselves to her or her “ideology” (as much as one exists) because she is widely seen as something of an embarassment and a joke.

Indeed, if anyone doubts the power of the marketplace of ideas to discern the intellectual wheat from the chaff, they should look at the case of Pauline Hanson.


#1 Sara Tancredi on 03.31.07 at 7:29 pm

Poor Pauline isn’t aware that “Christian Muslims” are a victimised minority in Narnia. I fear that, brought to Australia, they’re likely to suffer simliar treatment so she should really revisit her stance on allowing them in.

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#3 Abd al Ghani on 03.31.07 at 8:35 pm

She’s an idiot. I don’t think any Australian takes her seriously anymore. The more she opens her mouth, the more she condemns herself.

#4 Stalter on 03.31.07 at 9:56 pm

she is a single mother who advertises her sexual relations to sell her autobiography.

The whole thing with david olfield is so revolting that it does not bear thinking about. I cannot imagine why someone would revel such an awful fact about themselves.

David olfield who is only slightly smarter was correct to deny it, infact he should try and deny it to himself because if he doesn’t the psychic pain of reality that may actually send him over the brink into insanity.

One can only imagine that it was by the grace of God alone that prevented and progeny being conceived from that most unholy union.

Here is an artists impression of what such a child may have looked like.
I also cannot believe it is people like that who pass themselves off as conservative politicians.

Austrolabe would do an immense favor to Muslims by broadcasting everything she says.

#5 HRG on 03.31.07 at 10:18 pm

I don’t blame David Oldfield. I think any man with a skerrick of self-respect who found himself, in a moment of weakness, succumbing to Pauline Hanson’s masculine charms would have no choice but to spend the rest of his life denying it. The thought of an evening with Pauline Hanson is enough to make an crazy evening on the crystal meth with Mr Michael Neale seem an attractive proposition.

Poor Mr Oldfield must have been living out his own personal Crying Game all these years. Let’s not be too hard on him. He’s suffered enough.

#6 E.Mariyani on 03.31.07 at 10:26 pm

Interviews with Hanson are hilarious. She’ll put out ofbusiness if she’s not careful.

#7 menj on 04.01.07 at 9:38 pm

Oh my God, that part about Malaysia being “overrun by Muslims” is a real joke. Muslims have been the majority in the region for centuries…there was even an Islamic Sultanate of Malacca and Johor before the Portugese, the Dutch and British arrived. If anyone is “overrunning” the country, I would say that it was the Christians.


#8 Shadower on 04.02.07 at 11:54 pm

I did not hear the interview, but am just wondering if this is an actual full quote from Pauline?

“taken over by Muslims, despite a long history of Islam in that country”.

#9 DogForAHat on 04.07.07 at 9:06 am

In answer to Shadower’s question, you can listen to the interview to which this article refers, Radio National Breakfast 29 March 2007 just after 8AM, here

She says in this interview: “Malaysia has been now taken over by Muslims, and even if you’re a non Muslim you cannot walk down the street holding hands or showing affection. And if we don’t watch it I do believe that it’ll eventually happen here in Australia.”

I’d hate to see Australia’s Greatest Entertainer misquoted.

#10 Mastura on 08.30.07 at 3:50 pm

I would like to leave people with their thoughts.

However, I would like to say that ..people in my country regardless what races , religion live in peace and harmony. No country and no one is perfect, so whats the problem?

Before we talk about others we should look in the mirror and evaluate ourself.


#11 T Cell on 08.30.07 at 5:53 pm

Matsura, your comment is incomprehensible.

You start by saying that you wish to leave people with their thoughts, perhaps you should have stopped there.

but there is one thing that you must state in this thread to establish your bona fides:

Have you or any member of your species had or desired sexual relations with either Pauline hanson or David Olfield or Micheal Neale?

I would close with the greeting, we come from earth on a mission of peace to you and your kind.

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