Terrorist Attacks in the UK

On the issue of the terrorist attacks in the United Kingdom then I recommend people read this great piece by Abu Eesa.

But instead of focusing on the smoking ban this great day, the headlines have been stolen by smoking cars, smoking terminals and smoking men – literally. What an utter and complete disaster wa la hawla wa la quwwata illa billah.

The mind would boggle except that we know that there are Muslims in our communities who have become absolutely oblivious to common sense, religious guidance, and divine warning. What else can we possibly do with them? These brothers and sisters, indeed fellow citizens in the main, have lost total control of their senses and religious priorities and seem intent…no, in fact they are intent on absolutely obliterating the Muslim community here in the UK, and no doubt “the West.”

Whilst watching the BBC last night with a Scottish worker describing the actions of one of the terrorists as, “…he clambered out of the car in flames throwing punches all over the place shouting out ‘Alla! Alla! Alla!’ whilst people were trying to help him put out the flames! It was then we realised…” I thought to myself just how many millions of people in this country must think that the word “Allah” is just some huge, sick joke.

Indeed, it is especially important for us to remember that these people — terrorists and extremists — are ultimately only harming themselves, their families and the broader Muslim community by their misguided behaviour. The country, whose policies they hope to change, is never going to be moved by the muddle-headed demands of some angry youths armed with bomb making recipes they downloaded from the internet. And it doesn’t matter how many people they kill or how many bombs they explode. If they had perhaps paid better attention in school to the history of Britain in the early 20th century, they would realise the futility of their efforts.

He continues:

This has clearly gone beyond the madness of the Conspiracy theorists (of the other group of mad-cap Muslims we ‘enjoy’ in our community) dedicated to blaming everything on someone else. This is serious. The Community is in serious danger now from these terrorist lunatics and just how long will the Muslims expect the patience of our fellow non-Muslim citizens to hold? If you don’t like that statement, then you put yourself in the position of a nation that has another religious minority group that it is protecting whilst they launch all sorts of terror attacks on the sovereign state – how long would you hold back for, fearing for the safety of your family? How would you expect the intelligence and security services to respond?