“Come to Glasgow and we’ll set aboot ya”

Those hapless al-Qaeda boys were to find out that Glasgow has no respect for international terrorism. Nobody gets between 10,000 Weegies and a £99 week in Ibiza booked on Thursday night through Barrhead Travel.

So says the John Smeaton tribute site, set up to honour the Scottish baggage handler who helped police subdue the terrorist who attacked Glasgow airport on the weekend.

It’s a sentiment shared by fellow Scot Osama Saeed who writes:

John Smeaton has rightly become national hero with his tale of how he punched the man on fire. How I envy him. I would have loved to be delivering some good punches, kicks and more. If there are more of his ilk want to set themselves on fire, then let them come to my place and we’ll have a bonfire.

Smeaton’s various televised accounts of his confrontation with the terrorists are entertaining and have, quite rightly, made him an internet celebrity as well as a national hero.

“You’re nae hitting the Polis mate, there’s nae chance,” Scotland’s answer to Chuck Norris thought when saw a terrorist attacking a policeman. “So I ran straight towards the guy, we’re all trying to get a kick-in at him, take a boot to subdue the guy.” “Glasgow doesn’t accept this. That’s just Glasgow; we’ll set about ye,” he told ITV News.