Greens: Let’s fear the Foreign Doctor

Two doctors were taken in for questioning: one was held under anti-terrorism powers and has still not been charged; and the other was released without charge. Overseas doctors, particularly doctors from Muslim countries are understandably worried about how all this publicity about the two doctors will affect them and their families. So rather than show some sort of restraint, Greens Senator Bob Brown is in the media arguing that the arrest ‘proves’ highly-skilled immigrants, such as overseas doctors, are not being vetted appropriately and therefore pose a security risk.

Mr Brown says all immigrants should be screened just as thoroughly as asylum seekers.

“Maybe there’s a wake-up here to the Government, which has been very keen to bring in people who have more than a quarter of a million dollars,” he said.

“That will buy you a way straight into Australia, if you’ve got that in your back pocket, or with high skills, but they need to be no less vetted than the poorest person.”

Firstly, there isn’t any public evidence (yet) that the doctor who was arrested is a terrorist, was planning a terrorist attack in Australia or was even involved in the London bombings, let alone evidence that terrorists are buying their way in this country for $250,000. Secondly, there is yet to be any evidence presented that the screening process for foreign workers in this country is insufficient. And, anyway, if you were a terrorist who wanted to harm Australians, would you pay $250,000 and jump through all the immigration hoops, or would you just get a tourist visa?