People of Camden: The Cavalry has Arrived

As the people of Camden rally to defend their rural paradise from the armies of Muslim school teachers and students amassing at their gates, they will undoubtedly be reassured that the cavalry has arrived. Darrin Hodges, head of the so-called Anglo-Australian National Community Council, has selflessly taken time out from his apparent involvement with the sex industry [warning: contains some profanity] and posting on the neo-Nazi Stormfront website, to man the barricades of Western civilisation. Darrin, you see, is “dedicated to fighting the spread of Islam in Australia”.

And fight he will. Hodges is taking the battle to Youtube.

Sure, he might have trouble pronouncing the word “Tablighi” (he calls it Tabliqi) and his claim that the Tablighi Jamaat are a “conveyor belt for terrorism” funded by Saudis and promoting a Pakistani version of the “hardline Wahabiism founded in Saudi Arabia” may be completely wrong but there is no doubting his steely resolve. There may be other errors too but now isn’t the time for facts because, as Darrin warns the people of Camden, Muslims are cunningly working to transform the town into an Islamic state by buying real estate and opening businesses. Australians didn’t die in two world wars, in order for people to freely buy and sell property, etc.

But is there an Islamist heart that won’t quake with self-doubt and fear upon the first hearing of Darrin’s “g’day”?