Liberty and Society Seminar

Andrew Norton and Irfan Yusuf both have posts up advertising the Centre for Independent Studies (CIS) Liberty and Society weekend seminar to be held next month. As the website explains:

Liberty and Society is for young people who may be questioning the standard answers they are getting regarding social, political and economic issues. You may not see yourself as a fitting into the ‘left’ or ‘right’ mould. This is an opportunity to consider the classical liberal perspective. Classical liberalism promotes individual freedom, private property, limited government and free trade.

The seminar is open to students and graduates aged between 18 and 30, takes place in Sydney, and attendees are provided with accommodation and food as part of the program. Assistance with travel arrangements are also available for people traveling from interstate. It’s a great initiative and one that I’m sure will interest many readers of this site.

Irfan writes briefly of his own experience attending the conference and meeting Chandran Kukathas. As an aside, Kukathas is the author of an wonderfully thought-provoking book called The Liberal Archipelago: A Theory of Diversity and Freedom, that I recommend to anyone with an interest in multiculturalism and diversity.

Anyway, March 14th is the deadline for applying and applications can be made online.