Make Talkfest 2020 Submissions Online

As Dave Bath points out, if you want to make a submission to the government’s Talkfest 2020, you have until 5pm tomorrow to do so.  Submissions can be made online at this site.  A few bloggers have made submissions and put them online.

Club Troppo’s Jacque Chester has some interesting suggestions around open government.   I would add that it would be great if government started making more data available and started publishing content such as Hansard in XML.  This would then make it easier for people to analyse and present that data in interesting and insightful ways.  The great They Work For You and Public Whip sites in the UK are examples of what can be done.

Catallaxy have also published a long list of reader suggestions: some of which are great, and some of which are no so great.  I like the idea of all government actions having to pass a cost benefits test, and the idea of sunset clauses on all legislation is brilliant.

So, what are your big ideas?