Assassination Techniques

The Sydney Morning Herald reports on the ongoing trial of Bilal Khazal and provides a disturbing insight into the assassination techniques of Western intelligence agencies:

A former Qantas baggage handler who compiled a book outlining “short and wise” rules for fighting jihad on his computer in suburban Lakemba dedicated it to the “martyrs of Islam”.

Yesterday the bizarre and often violent text was handed over to Sydney Central Local Court, where its 35-year-old editor, Bilal Khazal, faced a charge of making documents likely to facilitate terrorist acts.

Among the assassination techniques used by Western intelligence, the book says, are letter bombs, snipers, car bombs and “cake throwing“, which it adds, “is well known in the West”.

Jihadists are warned to be alert to couples pretending to be joking before attacking the target with cakes. “This could lead to his eyes, nose and mouth being plugged and [he] loses the ability to breathe. Few would suspect the fatal consequences.”