NSW Local Election Results

@ndy assesses the NSW Local Council election results:

First, the far right (Australia First and Australian Protectionist Party).

In the shire of Sutherland, former admirer of Hitler and member of the Stormfront forum Darrin Hodges — the Nationalist Anarchist Protectionist — wanted a seat in Council Ward D. Unfortunately for Darrin, despite considerable media exposure — and a very handsome face — he came last, garnering just 333 votes or 2% of the total. In Council Ward A, the dynamic team of racists belonging to Australia First (AF) fared a little better; John, Karl and Marleen gaining 867 votes, or 4% of the total. They too, however, came last.

Although we have focused our attention on Darrin Hodges over the last few months, @ndy also draws our attention to one Darrell Wallbridge, Australia First candidate for Coffs Harbour.  Wallbridge only received 51 votes despite an impressive resume as a first class professional clown and puppeteer.

Mr. Wallbridge has worked as a radio journalist and is currently an entertainer and taxi driver. In recent years he has become widely known in Coffs Harbour and surrounding areas for his MC role at many public events, his first class puppet show which has amused children and adults alike and his appearances in local television advertisements…

And from clowns to real estate agents, in a further disappointment:

Finally, in Newcastle (Second Ward), the Jew-hating real estate agent Nathan Clarke and his racialist comrades Ian McBryde and Jim Smith failed to sell their anti-Semitic schtick to the voting public. The AF ticket received just 302 votes in total; again, 2%. (Poor old John Sunol came last, however, with just 21 votes.)