Passive Aggressive “Love”

Over at  conservative website Town Hall, Anne Fortenberry offers a “Christian perspective” on Ramadan.  Note the passive aggressive tone as she writes about her “Muslim friends” and the gratuitous photo to the left of the main body of text.


#1 Mongke on 08.22.09 at 10:25 pm

Perhaps this fellow in the photo was one of her friends, or more likely it is a reminder to the soft minded followers what they should remember about Muslims.

Now lets move to the main body of bullshit, her corpus vulgaris, I am surprised that she spent so long living in the middle east and got so many basic details so wrong.

1. Muslims do not fast to 30 minutes past sunset they break their fast immediately as the sun has set, one day in muslim country during ramadan would make that clear.

2. Muslims rarely get thirsty in Ramadan, if she had ever met a Muslim and asked him/her this would have been clear. Hunger is a different matter. But Im sure that a southern baptist would not even understand hunger (imagine I’ts like having the last twinky on earth crammed between those fat butt-cheeks).

3. If one is chronically ill, one is exempted from fasting, so it is out of the question that anyone would delay medical care because of fasting. I know in America, people do delay healthcare because they are of a particular religious group, its called “the poor”

4.and BTW a sheikh is not a holy man, many times she is wholly woman. Once again I believe this exposes the authors direct experience of Muslims as fraudulent (or she maybe extremely intellectually incurious).

5. “Since our Muslim friends are required to be generous during Ramadan, they feel inclined to invite foreigners to break the fast” Actually Muslims are “required” to be generous 365 days of the year like we are “required” to believe in One God, perhaps thats why your fat corn-fed white arse got invited to so many dinners. Perhaps Muslims are “required” to be generous like you are required to “love” people you clearly hate.

“These once-precious people became so hungry at this point that irritability and grumpiness seem to become the norm. We also saw numerous motor vehicle accidents during this time of day.”

As an Arab, I resent that its a cheap stereotype, I am irritable all year long and as anyone who has lived in the in the middle east, our wonderful driving skills are the same year round

7. Perhaps the continual “irritability” you observed had more to do with your passive aggressive personality (brought on by your deeply flawed paganism and its fortune cookie philosophy) rather than their hypoglycemia (look it up, its not something that many americans suffer from).

Lets get to the bottom line here, as anyone knows, Christian missionaries are hopeless at converting Muslims, even if they speak arabic, wear hijab, open jesus mosques, all the other deceptive stuff. They only way they get converts is with the checkbook and the greencard “beads and blankets” old school jesuit stuff.
In Pakistan its very hard to get a scullery maid or chimney sweep on Christmas, as they are demonstrating their bona-fides in church to hopefully get an early visa to the west. When they arrive here, they secretly start attending the moque again.

8. “Especially during Ramadan, please pray for our Muslim friends. We love them”

please don’t take this the wrong way, but can I invite you to take that love and shove it up your wrinkled fat menopausal arse.

#2 Mongke on 08.22.09 at 10:38 pm

Everyone don’t worry its cool, I wrote it after I broke my fast

#3 Mongke on 08.22.09 at 11:07 pm

OK, now that I am up and irritable, Im going to town

Townhall is the same hyper credible site that published an article about obama’s mother practicing witchcraft in the white-house.

they then (in a moment of sanity) retracted the article which is no longer online.

the author of the article who apparently had no insight then went on to complain that she was being mocked, here it is

memo to the townhall crowd: B Hussein Obama is not a black wizard ,he is our in man your government accommodation

#4 null on 08.23.09 at 11:21 am

Everyone don’t worry its cool, I wrote it after I broke my fast


#5 theo on 08.23.09 at 1:27 pm

“Shopping also became more difficult because of shortened work hours during Ramadan. Many times we could only shop late in the afternoon or at night because most of the stores were closed during the day”

OMG, an american denied their god given right to shop, where is human rights watch to document this outrage

#6 Eudaemonion on 08.25.09 at 4:15 pm

Get a load of the comments. Moon god indeed. *chuckle*

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