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Keysar Trad: Why should polygamy be a crime?

In the pages of The Age, Keysar Trad asks why polygamy should be a crime. Rather than argue that polygamy should be explicitly legalised and regulated by law, it might be better to simply argue that this is simply an issue of freedom of contract and individuals should be free to enter into whatever contracts […]

Tailban demonstrate corruption free governance

The most effective, corruption free government in Afghanistan is not the central government of the American puppet Hamid Karzi, rather it is his opponent, the Taliban. One of Washington’s top counter-insurgency advisers has warned that the Taliban is ready to take over the government in Afghanistan, with a successful local court network in the country’s […]

Hisnul Muslim (for the iphone)

From Muslim Apps: This Islamic iphone app features a collection of du’a (supplications) from the Qu’ran and Sunnah, and based chineseviagra-fromchina on the popular Hisnul Muslim (Fortification of the Muslim) collection. Originally collated by Sheikh Sa’eed ibn Ali ibn Wahf al-Qahtani, Hisnul Muslim is one of the most famous and widely referenced collections of du’a […]